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FM Welcomes G-Loc Brakes To The Team

Foximus Motorsports is thrilled to welcome G-Loc Brakes to our team for the 2017 season and beyond.

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GTA Pro/Am Round 2 – Buttonwillow

We rolled into Buttonwillow Raceway Park for Round 2 of the Global Time Attack Pro Am Series with a desire for redemption.  A year ago (Also Easter weekend) we lost a motor 3 turns in on our first lap of the season and that combined with the challenges that didn’t let us run much at Round 1 back in February, had us ready to go out locked and loaded to show what we could do in the new setup.

Photo thanks to SpeedDistrict / Cali Photography

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2017 Fan Sponsor Packages Available

The 2017 Global Time Attack season is a little over a month away. To say that the team is itching to get out there would be an understatement.  2016 and its 1 lap before losing the engine has us chomping at the bit to get out and show what Phoenix can do with all her new improvements.  Currently the team is hunting down additional sponsors and partners to help fill out our 2017 schedule, but we also wanted to open it up to our fans that may be interested in going “above and beyond” as supporters in 2017.

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Back In The Saddle Again

To say that 2016 has been a year we want to forget, well that would be an understatement. Between blowing the motor up on the first lap of the season, to my finishing the blowout of my shoulder caused by a pit road accident 10 years ago, this season has been very forgettable.  And it’s hard.  And it sucks.  Not being able to race this season has been really hard on me personally, as well as on the team.  Thankfully we have some amazing sponsors that were understanding, but its hard to sell the car and bring in additional support when you aren’t racing.  Or movable.

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2016 Season Update

Rosamond, CA (May 20, 2016) – It’s with much disappointment that we must announce we are suspending our run for the 2016 GTA Pro/Am Street Class Championship.  After a 3rd place finish at Buttonwillow in Round 1 with blowing a motor, the team has been working hard to try to find additional sponsorship, work with our new partner, TJPerformance to get the motor rebuilt, as well as working on cleaning up wiring, thermal, and aero on the car.


However, Chris has been struggling with shoulder problems for the better part of a year now, and after consulting with 2 different doctors and partaking in physical therapy, he will be headed in next month for surgery to fix the damage in his right shoulder.  It’s been hard for him to be in the car for a full 2 day event and be able to properly and quickly get in or out of the car by the end of the second day.  Its an out patient procedure, and his recovery time won’t be known until the doctor can see what all has to be repaired.  This means, with rounds 2 and 3 being 6 and 8 weeks after surgery, that  we will miss the remaining races on the Pro/Am tour in August.  We would like to try and make Super Lap Battle in November, but that is all based on the doctor signing off that Chris is healthy and ready to be back in the car.  “As much as I want to be back in now and driving, I know I need to let this heal right and not rush myself back in so that I will be able to drive 100%.  It doesn’t do me any good to come back to soon and risk making it worse on myself, and putting out a sub-par performance for our team, sponsors, and partners” Chris said.


Thank you for all your support, and your understanding that this season will be a bit abridged.  We are hoping to have Phoenix back together come July, and may look to put another skilled driver in the car to help shake her out.  We will continue to update on our progress, and as we work towards finding additional opportunities for this year and beyond.  Thank you.


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